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TIE Series

We are the sole distributors of TIE Hearing Aids

TIE Modular Technology - Patened latest hearing aid technological advancements from Europe
Sound is faster and clearer with the Ear Clarity technology platform

In the era of the fastest development of technology, it is time for hearing impaired people to have the first modular system and meet a great product.

TIE modular is not only a new concept, but also a new category name in the industry.

TIE modular which has different hardware than all other devices, offers a new hearing style and maximum hearing pleasure.

TIE modular consists of three main parts.

Our TIE modular system imitates the natural ear operating system to acclimatize and clarify sounds and understand conversation comfortably.

TIE Modular Sound System
Outstanding design combined with cutting-edge technology

Signals spread from dozens of sound sources around us. Some of them need to be prevented, some of them should be weakened and some of them should be strengthened.

It is impossible to understand without classifying unbalanced spread signals.

Human brain takes all existing sound layers, classifies them and focuses differently on the environment.

TIE modular technology, which is a highly capable and intelligent technology, imitates the ear by focusing on useful and necessary sound. Allows for more natural sound.

The currently used line of the BTE and RIC devices do not exactly match the natural ear structure.

The presence of the receiver and microphone behind the ear in BTE devices or the presence of the receiver in the ear and behind the ear of the microphone in RIC devices differs from the natural transmission line.
Earnet TIE | A New Category In The Hearing Industry
Earnet TIE | New Dimension in Hearing with TIE Modular Technology
TIE Modular
Main unique advantages

• Highly equipped to distinguish sounds
• No pressure on the eardrum
• User benefits from natural ear gain
• Ear canal does not store moisture and heat
• Occlusion and hoarseness do not occur
• Sound quality is higher than RIC and BTE devices

We intend to all grow together in health wealth and knowledge with fair pricing and excellent after-market service; we are a brand you can trust.
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