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Smarter technology story

Royal's story occurred during the visit to the ancient city of Ephesus in 2013. While walking around the city's excellent history, impressive library, unique bazaar and open-air theater built with the finest acoustic engineering calculations of the era, we thought about the hearing-impaired people of the era.

Did they stop at this theater?

Did they understand the story if they did?

Did the Roman emperor have any hearing problems?

Royal series gives hope to life and energizes the future with its highly talented solutions that are worthy of technology age.
Let your tastes be left behind ...

Superior hardware compatible with your expectations, algorithms compatible with your speed, sound comfort compatible with your taste, technology resistant to harsh acoustic conditions, a peaceful tone envied by millions of people.

Royal is unique

In addition to the 16 channels, it creates a comfortable environment with its 32 bands and enables detection.

The use of 16 channels and 32 bands together makes the earnet Royal hearing aid series unique in the industry.

On the one hand, it is possible to obtain a low sound as a result of breaking the noise into channels, and on the other hand, it reaches the target with a band at every 250 Hz in order to obtain the sound and level required by the hearing aid user according to audiology data. presents.

Earnet opened new horizons for sound engineering by developing superior algorithms with the Royal series and cheered life up with communication.

He shared the difficulties of hearing problems in the most diverse acoustic environments and offered them superior solutions with a popular technology.

By reducing the noise signals that are most afraid of hearing problems into 16 WDRC channels, it reduced its effect.

It presented the technology of the future by reducing the high noise disturbance in 16 channels. He prepared a desired lifestyle, protecting the ear from complex noises.

Summary Specifications ...

• 16 Channel WDRC

• 32 thin adaptation tapes

• 16 Channel high volume limitation

• 16 channel audio editing

• Adaptive crowing cutter-adjustable in different version.

Powerful and fast suppression against sudden peaks and disturbing noises

Strong measure against high wind effect

• Administrative structure and noise reduction, controlling environmental sounds

• Different microphone options

Adaptive analysis system

• Data Logging

Adjustable beeps

Adjustable low battery signal

Adjustable beep times and levels

Adjustable VC steps

• Fast adaptation technology

Products designed according to your taste ...

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We intend to all grow together in health wealth and knowledge with fair pricing and excellent after-market service; we are a brand you can trust.
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