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Angled Stairs
High-quality lacquered wood Corner steps, useful in the rehabilitation of patients that have had a stroke or leg injuries.
Atlas Walker

The walker with wheels adds extra ease
It also conveniently folds away with a simple push of a button, making it easy for storage.
Bobath Plinth

Wooden Double Plinth
For safe and comfortable neurological and exercise therapy
Non height adjustable
Available in Blue or Black covering.
Manufactured by AMHT locally
Bolt Board Hand Therapy

Medical Two-Tiered Horizontal Bolt Board
Bolts progress from 1/4 to 1/2 , with assorted nuts and washers. Bolt threads range from coarse to fine.

High-quality lacquered wood with felt-covered bottom to prevent surface mar.
Size : 11-1/2 L x 7-3/4 W x 4 H.

Cold Packs

Key specifications:
Reusable and suitable for pain, can effectively ease fever and toothache
Ice pack size: 26.5*15cm
Weight: 350g   
Made by gel, put the pack into in the fridge 4 hours
Nylon PVC material, flexible after cooling, contact skin largely comfortably
Eco-friendly material without any side-effect
Non-toxic, non-caustic material inside, reusable
Soft reusable ice pack medical treatment healthcare use individual packing
OEM and ODM  hot and cold pad professional manufacturer

If it is too cold or there are drops on the surface, please warp it with a towel before using it, please ensure that the pillow is laid flat while in the freezer or in storage
Do not heat the pillow and put it under the sunshine for a long period of time, or keep it in dry ice and -33°C for cooling off, please keep it in a cool place after taking it from the freezer
Do not use any hard or sharp object against the pillow, the fillings of pillow are fiber, cloth and cooling gel, if the fillings contaminate your hands, wipe them clean by cloth first, then wash them clean by soap
Although the fillings of soft ice pillow are non-toxic, they are not edible, please dispose of it as plastics

Dressing Therapy Board

Help Alzheimer's clients by occupying them with familiar tasks. Board facilitates repetitive training and adapted task performance for a variety of clients from the developmentally delayed to individuals with injury or disease that affect the hand. The 15-3/8" x 23-7/8" Dressing Board helps clients master dressing functions like buttoning, snapping and lacing. Attach to the Work Activity Board or place vertically in the wooden stand.
Exercise Ball

Heavy-walled and burst resistant, standing up to heavy use.
Made from durable, ribbed PVC material for strength and reliability.
Sizes range from 15.5" to 33.5" in diameter for varied applications.
Each ball is shipped in a polybag for protection during shipping.
Slowly deflate when punctured to improve safety of use.
OAL Stainless Steel Scissors

2" LOC, 5-1/4" OAL Stainless Steel Scissors - Plastic Handle - 2 inch cut length - Right handed
Half Foam Wedges

Foam Rollers are an excellent way to develop balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility and dynamic strength. This multi-functional form of training make them suitable for all ages. Various exercises can be performed by standing, sitting and lying.
Hand Therapy Balls

Perfect for all-over sensory stimulation, the mildly pliable massage ball can be used to loosen problem areas in the feet, shoulders and back, enhancing muscle performance and reducing risk of injury.
Hot Packs

Moist Hot Pack Sets. Provide up to 30 minutes of deep, moist heat and can be reused for hundreds of treatments. Can be used with Custom Terry Covers or Vinyl Terry Cover Sets, sold separately.
Manipulation Board Hand Therapy

The Hand Therapy Manipulation Board helps clients undergoing hand therapy to exercise fine motor skills and gain strength in performing common tasks. The Hand Therapy Manipulation Board is shown in the picture with optional holder, but is also pre-drilled to be mounted on a wall (mounting hardware not included). Latex-free.
Peg Board Hand Therapy

The Pegboard with Colored Pegs helps develop a user's manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination through hand and upper extremity motions. Latex-free. The Pegboard with Colored Pegs has 100 holes spaced 1 inch apart, to provide plenty of space to work with. Pegs can be inserted in the Pegboard with Colored Pegs to make patters or groups of colors. This product is latex-free.
Physio/Yoga Mats

Perfect for yoga or pilates practice, these mats are tough and durable, with a little cushioning for comfort, and a super-strong non-slip grip for safety. Rest assured you’re living in harmony with the planet while getting in tune with your mind and body.
Physio Foam Wedges

Multifunctional - Useful for a wide range of activities, both recreational and therapeutic
Tough and durable - Constructed with high-compression urethane foam and stitch-covered with heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon, these wedges are designed to keep their form and provide years of institutional usage
Play Tunnel

The pieces attach securely with hook and loop fasteners creating a tidy and safe play environment. A vinyl floor mat goes under the tunnel keeping crawling children clean. Dense foam shapes have no sharp edges and cover material easily wipes clean.
Rocking Board

The Pedalo rocking board: for beginners and more advanced users
This rocking board makes workouts simple and effective, even for beginners. The rocking board is particularly stable thanks to its limited tilt angle and low height of 9.5 cm. The 60-cm-wide rocking board can also be used for exercising in an ergonomic standing position, with your legs hip-width apart. This is also possible when using 2 of the 45-cm-wide versions.
Product information:
With non-slip runners
Can hold up to 150 kg
Height: 9.5 cm
Roller Forms

Shapes are ideal for a wide range of uses.
Ideal for applications from institutional to residential.
Wedge-shaped mats facilitate gross motor activities.
Incline mats can be used with straps for adaptive positioning.
Heavy duty vinyl cover is long-lasting and easy to clean.
Scooter Board

Wooden scooter with vinyl bumper and center hole. Heavy-duty non-marring swivel casters. SIZE: 12'' x 12'' with center hole.
Sloped Writing Board

Beautifully made, I was amazed by the quality of the workmanship of these slopes when they arrived. They are made by a wooden toy manufacturer and so the finish is superb. A recess runs along the top to rest a pen into which is very handy. A lip at the front of the slope stops it from sliding back across the desk in use.
Splitting Material

It is ideal for when firm handling is required, such as with orthopedic or neurologically injured patients with spasticity or abnormal tone or joint contractures.
Thera Bands

Professional Resistance Band Loops are continuous loop elastic bands in the recognized Thera-Band color progression.
They can be used for a variety of applications, particularly lower body exercises to increase strength and balance. Band Loop resistance is aligned with the resistance level of a regular band tied into a loop.
Band Loops are individually poly-bagged and accompanied by safety instructions.
This size is 12″ long layed flat
Weighted Blankets

Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Weighted therapy can help increase the levels of Serotonin and Melatonin overnight.

Researchers also found that deep pressure significantly decreases cortisol levels. After applying deep pressure, cortisol levels dropped by 31%
Weighted Wrist Cuffs


1.15 per weight ; 2.3kgs in total
Neoprene construction with adjustable velcro fastening
Wheel Chairs

Standard Commode Wheelchair is simple type of wheelchair with commode that can give you the independence on your mobility & other daily routines.
We intend to all grow together in health wealth and knowledge with fair pricing and excellent after-market service; we are a brand you can trust.
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