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Diagnostic and Treatment Units



Light-weighted mobile treatment unit

The instruments are protected behind lockable doors. Otopront's HAWK offers the comfort of a fully-fledged treatment unit with smallest possible dimensions.

ORL 3003L


ENT Treatment Center ORL 3003L
A complete ENT unit that offers an unbeatable range of rational solutions to specific problems combined with the most sophisticated state of the art technology. All functions are ergonomically arranged.
Even with all accessories attached, compactness and convenience are ensured.

Endoscopy quivers
The warming quivers and disinfection quivers can be placed in the extension arm, so that an ergonomic access to the scopes is guaranteed. If endoscopy quivers are ordered in the extension, we recommend to place the light source underneath the extension beside the water filter. If not mentioned in the order separately, cold light source will be delivered on the frontside beside the melamin drawer.

Suction pipe cleaner
A must for every ENT unit. Protects the suction tube from clogging and disinfects the suction system between the examinations. The cone shaped adapters allow to clean the tubes and pipes of different diameters. Due to their steel body and chrome-plated surface, the adapters are easy to clean and to autoclave. A couple of adapters will be delivered with the unit for exchange.

Ear-rinsing funnel
Upon request the ORL 3003 L can be delivered with a big earrinsing funnel on a swivel arm. It is kidney shaped and further detachable for cleaning. Ear wax separator and noise reducer are further details to increase the operating comfort.

Illuminated writing surface
Upon request the writing drawer/ dressing plate can be delivered with illumination and automatic on /off switch for illumination. Thus it doubles its function as a writing surface (holder for patient files and illumination of X-rays).

Large instrument surface
Instrument drawers and writing surface are equipped with a shelf, which can easily be taken out for cleaning or exchange. Furthermore, the shelfs are organized with a set of stainless steel dividers with brushed surface for instrument compartments.

All elements requiring easy access, are placed in the service box.The compartment contains the liquid container (can be easily taken out, if neccessary), reservoir for disinfection liquid / water mixture for the suction pipe cleaner, sterile filter system for suction unit, and the second overflow control fuse. All instructions are further printed in the inside of the door. The service box is placed on the right side of the unit , thus concealing the inside from the patient’s view.

Water filter system
Underneath the extension, the water filter is located. It is integrated into a second heating system, (to warm the water in the filter), and it is easy to connect or disconnect via a snap mechanism. All parts, filter cartridge, stainless steel housing, water tube and the handgrip itself are autoclavable, to guarantee a water quality free of dirt, legionelles and pseudomonas. The filter cartridge can be reused and autoclaved several times.

ORL Basic Plus


Customised solutions for individual needs
The form and function of ENT workstations has changed considerably over the past 50 years. The BASIC PLUS line represents a temporary limit to this long phase of development. All units are designed to satisfy the highest possible requirements.
Clearly organized and structured work station
The unit's modular design ensures clean lines and has a reassuring effect on the patient.
Practical layout of functional elements
All the elements are positioned within easy reach of the doctor and are also designed for single-handed operation. The instrument trays, preparation tray and waste containers are situated close to the patient, whilst the suspended cables of the light sources are ideally placed in the centre of the unit for protection. There are plenty of drawers and storage compartments with space for consumable materials.

Flexibility when assembling the unit
There is almost no limit to the individual’s choice of layout thanks to the unit's modular design and the equipment available.
A variety of options
The BASIC PLUS line is built up around the ENT diagnosis and treatment unit which is available in three different widths. All versions may be used as a “stand-alone” system or may be extended as desired with additional modules (e.g. endoscopy centre, instrument cabinet, desk attachment, plateau, etc.). There is also the option of a left-handed version.
Basic model casing widths
  • BASIC PLUS 450 mm
  • BASIC PLUS 550 mm
  • BASIC PLUS 700 mm
Basic model
  • Compressed air unit complete with fine regulation handpiece, 3 spray bottles, Politzer attachments, flow limiter and pressure gauge
  • Suction unit with non-vibrating, smooth-running vacuum pump, 34 l /min, max. vacuum 93%
  • Mirror reheating unit
  • Instrument surface with Plexiglas cover
  • Instrument drawer
  • Storage drawer
  • Open compartment with electric socket for additional equipment
Optional Extras
  • 38°C warm water rinsing device with autoclavable water filter unit
  • Single, double or quadruple cold light source, each 150 W halogen
  • Automatic on/off switch and disinfection time control via light barrier (or light switch control)
  • Spittoon on swivel arm with second suction hose
  • Automatic liquid container discharge
  • Suction tube cleaner with exchangable, autoclavable stainless steel adapter
  • Mirror preheating unit for more than 50 mirrors of different sizes
  • Heated instrument surface
  • Instrument cabinet
  • Desk module Type L, Type S
  • High-plateau with concealed sockets
  • Swivel support for additional equipment
  • Integration of practice's EDP system into the equipment concept
  • Microscope holder with electricity supply
  • Stainless steel edges to protect areas of particularly high wear
  • Melamin drawers holding disinfectant solutions
  • Built-in waste bin for infectious wastes, syringes, etc.
  • Pedal-operated waste bin
  • Mobile on double castors
  • All handpieces and applied parts are fully autoclavable (water handle, spray handle, spray bottle, adapters, etc.). Quick-fit couplings on all hoses ensure easy assembly
  • Quadruple endoscopy centre with 4 light outlets, each 150W halogen, light barrier controlled lighting, automatic activation of head light, preheating quivers, disinfection quivers, disinfection time control, quiver for flexible optic
  • Individual extension of space available using swivel supports to hold additional equipment (ultrasound unit, stroboscope, etc.) Halogen light for head mirror use also available
  • Dispenser for examination gloves or Kleenex tissues
  • Dispensers for cotton wool etc



ENT Treatment Unit SMART
The mobile ENT unit SMART is built for the most different areas of application.
It is usable for bed-side treatment, in operating rooms, outpatient clinics and private offices. Due to antistatic rubber castors, it is mobile and can easily be adapted to any possible location.
The highly competitive suction unit is equipped with comfort functions like automatic suction activation and integrated suction pipe cleaner. Up to three Halogen light sources are available for endoscopic application.

Instrument Cabinets



ENT Instrument Cabinets
The choice between different set ups and the variety of options allows you to fit it for your individual working needs. The solid steel casing and the telescopic steel guides guarantee easy movement of all parts for decades ahead.
  • Steel housing with PUR shaped top parts
  • Large instrument surface with plexiglass cover
  • Instrument drawers
  • Spacious storage drawers
  • Interior light
  • Instrument heater
  • Writing surface
  • Dispenser for cotton and paper
  • Waste container with foot pedal
  • Removable drawer for used instruments
  • Additional attachments

Examination Chair

Chair 46320


Examination Chair 46320 / 46120
Examination chair 46320
  • manual oil pump
  • 20 cm lifting range
  • seat height 54–74 cm
  • depth of seat 43cm
  • fully rotating and lockable
  • backrest adjustable forward to 10° beyond vertical position and backward completely to a horizontal position
  • adjustable head rest
  • arm rests folding back individually
  • foot rest and arm rest adjustment synchronized with back rest adjustment
  • weight 75 kg
  • 62 x 130 x 80 cm (WxHxD)
Examination chair 46120
  • same design as chair 46320 but with rigid foot rest



ENT Examination and Treatment Chair SIT 4
Use of high-quality materials and slender lines are responsible for making this examination and treatment chair unique in both form and function.
This ensures that the doctor is able to get close to the patient whilst having easy access to all the adjusting elements at the same time.
Electric adjustment of the seat height by either 20 or 30 cm allows the doctor to work in an ergonomic position whilst sitting or standing. Using the version with 30 cm lifting range no additional seat accessories are needed for examing children.
While the backrest of the SIT 4 PLUS is adjusted, the armrests and leg rest simultaneously follow the chair's sequence of movement until it reaches a completely horizontal position thus ensuring perfect support and patient comfort. In case of a collapsing patient the backrest can quickly be brought into the -10° Trendelenburg position.
The patient chair is also available with electric backrest adjustment (SIT 4 PLUS E) and electric rotation on request.

Doctors Chair



BELMONT - Comfort combined with a classic design
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 55 cm up to 75cm
  • Steel parts chrome plated
  • Mobile on 5 castors
  • Synthetic leather cover

Doctor's Chair 30041
  • Same design as BELMONT but without backrest.


Flexible Nsopharyngoscope


Ø 3,8 mm
300 mm length
adjustable ocular
angle of view 85°
angle of movement 150°
incl. light guide and transport case

MEC 150


Four independently operated light outlets
The MEC 150 fits in with the entire line of Otopront units and can also be used as a stand alone system.
Due to its mobility on four antistatic rubber castors and space saving design it can be used in a variety of locations; the hospital clinic, on the ward for bedsite visits, or indeed in the specialist’s consulting room.
Four powerfull, independently operated halogen bulbs are connected to an automatic on/off switch via photodetector.
To protect the scopes from fogging, the MEC 150 incorporates four thermostatically controlled heating quivers, while four additional disinfection quivers secure (micro processor controlled) a clean scope when needed. All quivers are available for rigid and flexible Endoscopes.
To complete the set, a head lamp rest with automatic on/off switch can be mounted either at the left or right hand side of the unit.
The halogen bulbs are easy to change without tools, as the top can be opened
without tools as well.



Providing highly defined and brilliant images
The PES 2 represents a new generation of highperformance systems for endoscopic diagnosis. The combination of sophisticated camera technology and digital bit map memory lends innovative support to medical procedures.
The PES 2 was designed with the aim of providing an endoscopy system which boasts a high level of quality and only takes up minimal space. With the PES 2, a device has come onto the market that is as easy to operate as it is flexible to use.
A large number of innovative details make it especially comfortable to operate. Its setting can be changed from right-handed to left-handed operation directly on the camera. With the rapid focus device endoscopic images can be achieved simply by turning a knob at the camera head.

Rigid Endoscopes


Endoscopes for reliable diagnostic
The newly designed lens system provides a brilliant illumination and a crystal clear resolution. All endoscopes are made of sanded stainless steel and are fully autoclavable

Diagnosis and Treatment



Sinus Echosope DIGITAL 5
This ultrasound unit is an easy to operate and likewise user-friendly device with maximum sensitivity and noise suppression for diagnosis of the sinuses. Signal amplification is varied as customary by means of a rotary knob whilst all other commands can be entered using a membrane keypad or foot switch. A perfect combination of function and operability.
The findings can be documented on an integrated thermal printer or using an external LAN printer (optional).



The complete system for functional diagnosis of nasal breathing
  • Rhinomanometry and Rhinoresistometry
  • Acoustic Rhinometry
  • Long-term Rhinoflowmetry

Rhinomanometry and Rhinoresistometry
The RHINO-BASE offers as a key element the Rhinoresistometry, a further development of active anterior Rhinomanometry. Nasal flow rate is measured using a breathing mask. The filter between measuring nozzle and face mask is replaceable. Choanal pressure is measured using an adhesive nasal adapter. An additional benefit is that the micro pressure sensors can be connected directly to the breathing mask, thus minimizes measurement errors. Nasal flow resistance can be objectified reproducibly using Prof. G. Mlynski’s (University Greifswald, Germany) highly complex analytical software which has been developed and improved over many years. This is the basis for differential diagnosis of possible causes of nasal obstruction like constriction, inspiratory nasal wing collapse or pathological turbulence.

Acoustic Rhinometry
The Acoustic Rhinometry is a powerful instrument for measuring the nose airways. It uses an acoustic impulse to measure the cross-sectional areas over the distance from the outer nostril. These cross-sectional areas let the examiner know weather or not there are narrow points in the airways which can be a problem for a patient’s respiration. It is easily applied, reliable, non-invasive and well accepted by patients. Even assessment of children is performed without problems. The RHINO-ACOUSTIC measurement system consists of the measuring software and the RHINO-BASE central which contains the data acquisition hardware for the measuring purposes. Additional items are the acoustic measuring probe, a long calibration pipe and the nose adapters.

Long-term Rhinoflowmetry
Rhinometric measurements are limited to assess the nasal airway only in a short period of time in which the measurement is performed. Many patients report about functional complaints at various time periods. In consequence, a diagnostic tool to gain more insight into the respiratory function during conditions of normal life is necessary. The RHINO-MOVE, a portable measuring system, enables breathing to be registered over a 24-hour period, with separate records for each side of the nose. The synchronous registration of the heart rate enables an evaluation of the physical strain. Once measuring is complete, the saved data are transferred to a laptop and analysed with the RHINO-SYS software. Thus, for the first time, the nasal cycle and its disturbance can be recorded under a patient’s daily life condition


ENT Instrument Set


Finest surgical instruments for diagnostic and treatment
2 Ear funnel size 3
5 Ear funnel size 4
10 Ear funnel size 5
10 Ear funnel size 6
2 Ear funnel size 7.5
5 Jansen forceps 16.5 mm
1 Nasal speculum 75 mm
5 Nasal speculum for children
8 Nasal speculum for adults
1 Ear forceps 8 cm
1 Ear forceps 6 cm
5 Cotton applicator 15 cm
5 Cotton applicator 13 cm
1 T.C. needle holder 15 cm
2 Suction pipes 3 mm
2 Suction pipes 3.5 mm
2 Suction pipes 4.5 mm
10 Ear curettes
2 Ear hooks, 14,5 cm
2 Drainage pipes 2.5 mm
1 Nasal dressing forceps 6 cm
3 Suction pipes 10 cm, diameter 1.5 mm
6 Suction pipes 10 cm, diameter 2 mm
3 Suction pipes 10 cm, diameter 2.5 mm
2 Adapter for suction pipes
1 Bowman probe 00-0
1 Bowman probe 1-2
1 Joseph scissors 14 cm
1 Surgical handle 12.5 cm
100 Blades No.11
100 Blades No.15
2 Lichtwitz trocar 10 cm
1 Kidney tray 25 cm
1 Scissors straight 14.5 cm
1 Dressing forceps 14.5 cm
1 Forceps serrated 20 cm
15 Tongue depressor Brünings 19 cm
5 Laryngeal mirror size 0
8 Laryngeal mirror size 2
6 Laryngeal mirror size 6
5 Laryngeal mirror size 8
1 Parazentese needle bajonett
5 Lucae forceps 14.5 cm
1 Tissue forceps 1 x 2 teeth 14.5 cm

Head Light


Fibre optic transmission

The Cold-Light illuminated head light from otopront can be adjusted with one hand in all directions. The ergonomical lightweight headband with two adjustment screws fits with every headsize. The light weight fiber optic cable can be connected to the left or right side of the headband. The weight of the whole set add up to 320 g. The leather parts of the head band are changeable.

Mirror Preheater S30


It provides space for more than 50 mirrors of different size. A thermostat control secures heating of the mirrors to body temperature and thus protects the mirrors from fogging.
We intend to all grow together in health wealth and knowledge with fair pricing and excellent after-market service; we are a brand you can trust.
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