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The Latest Developments and more from AMHT
Jayshree J Singh
Mathew Rudman
Operations Director

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

It’s with the greatest and sincere pleasure that I introduce the LATEST developments at the new Audiomedi Hi- Tec Pty( Ltd) - AMHT to you...

AMHT started in 2007 and has since grown significantly in Rehabilitation in SA and neighbouring countries. After an absence of 8 years, I’m blessed through the Board of Management at AMHT, to be given the opportunity, with the support from a Team of Experts in their own fields, to drive this Company to be at the forerunner in Rehabilitation in Africa.

I’m pleased to introduce to you, AMHTs Operations Director, Mr Mathew Rudman, who comes with a 40 year experience and expertise in business systems, working solutions and processing. Mr Rudman has implemented transformations since his appointment in February 2020, in keeping with European standard practices starting with AMHTs staff training programs to ensure “an Obsession to Excellence” in every task embarked on from a simple quotation request, to customer services enhancements to National Treasury Tender order despatch and tracking to in-service product training programs to ensure that from AMHTs Administration & Technical Rehabilitation staff right to the Board of Management, we ALL fulfil AMHTs mission and vision to you, the clients with excellence!!

We have implemented “Vision 2020” with success!!! These changes are already visible on our website managed by a leading IT company who have facilitated “instant marking“ upon submission of CPD articles. The Therapists receive their scores within 5 minutes and certificates are issued from Administrative staff. Due to the lockdown please expect some delays.

Further, you will take note of an upgraded website which now allows you 24/7 reaction/response following any queries on the email or Whatsapp telephone listed.

Several of you have reacted with much surprise with the immediate responses even with sending mail at 2am

Please take time especially now at lockdown to visit our “CPD COFFEE JOURNAL CLUB” where there are FREE CPD articles loaded and several more will go up by next week totalling over 40 CPD points through articles submissions. All these are accredited and proof can be available should this be requested.

AMHT has launched the first ever “AMHT SUBS”. This is FREE till December 2020. Thereafter a minimal fee will apply. Details are available on our website. This enables you to gain access to monthly FREE CPD accreditation through articles, competitions & quizzes with prizes including winning an International trip to one of our Suppliers for hands on training together with taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of either Russia 🇷🇺 Germany 🇩🇪 Italy 🇮🇹 or Turkey  🇹🇷

Techno-Savy updates from European suppliers, the latest in research technological developments, Access to AMHT’s new YouTube videos all with a focus on self- service training and demonstrations and much more!!!

Monthly Specials and Discounts from 5-30% on specific items… I do know that AMHT started with a focus on Audiology in 2007, Speech therapy followed in 2008 and OT/Physio in 2012. There has been a bias towards Audiology specifically as I am an Audiologist and Speech Therapist practitioner for 31 years. But now we have a 60 day challenge instructed by the Board to balance the fields. So YES lots of goodie bag specials for SPEECHIES/OTs and PHYSIOs in the pipeline lol watch this space…

Fun and fabulous techniques to encourage learning will be implemented e.g. Complete 10 CPD articles and get a Starbucks voucher... add 10 more and enjoy a muffin at our expense!

We believe learning is essential as many of our peers cannot travel internationally due to costs and now with Covid-19 and we are pleased to be able to facilitate this through several avenues...

916 Rehabilitation therapists attended our first ROAD TRIP 1. This venture was successful as it brought to 7/9 Provinces in SA, the latest vestibular technologies from BIOMED(Germany) and electrophysiology from NEUROSOFT(Russia). The feedback we received from all attendees were amazing and encouraging and this has propelled the Board of Management to authorize the 2nd ROAD TRIP later in 2020. Details to be updated. The slide presentations of the above European speakers are available on our website.

There are so much more exciting ventures to tell you about BUT, let’s leave that for my next newsletter...

I’m passionate about learning, so I’ve been given the task to lead CPD and other Academic programs, day seminars and AMHTs Vestibular conference (which was scheduled for October 2020 but now will move to a later date) at AMHT. Should you, your team, or your Province have specific requests for Professional development please forward these to me directly at: jayshree@amht.net

I also am the Director for International Business Development. Should there be any presenter/business query you may have for any particular Congress Seminar, notify me directly so I can take your request to the Board for possible sponsorships.

For all Operational queries and requests please direct this to Mr Rudman at operations@amht.net

Here’s to a safe, successful and blissful 2020

Jayshree Singh, Mathew Rudman and Team AMHT

Post Road Trip Specials

Earn up to 40 FREE CPD Points at your leisure!
Visit our CPD Coffee Journal Club where accredited articles are available for OT Physio, Speech and Audio
An Approach to Acute Vertigo
Chest physiotherapy for pneumonia in children

Presentations by Biomed and Neurosoft are now available

Check out our Youtube Channel for tutorials and other content

Feedback Letter from an attendee from The Department of Health

To:  Audio Medi HI-TEC

It is with pleasure that I commend you on the vestibular workshop conducted on the 24/02/2020. We thank you for the warm welcoming and great hospitality received.

The training provided great insight on vestibular assessment using the latest technologies as well as methods to use such tests easily in daily practice. Practical demonstrations were clear and simple to follow. The language barrier was not an issue as the host i.e. AMHT, always assisted by explaining the proceedings throughout the workshop. Guest speakers were interactive and allowed for questions and answers.  Disorders such as Vestibular Neuritis presenting with bilateral loss of vestibular function, BBPV etc. was highlighted well and covered all essential areas with great accompanying videos.  Saccadic movements, smooth pursuit movements etc. were also discussed well.  Speakers explained that brief attacks of vertigo is often triggered by a patient rolling over on bed, lying down or extending their neck. Theses are common hallmarks to use in case history that we sometimes forget to ask patients. This was amongst the many imperative points discussed and learnt.

The three speakers also explained techniques to increase responses from patients and provided models to further emphasize the presentations. The idea of incorporating theory and demonstrations was an excellent idea allowing for an in-depth understanding of procedures.

Most importantly the presentations were relevant and therapists were able to understand terms used and test batteries explained whilst being able to incorporate their own knowledge and everyday practice guidelines.


- Meet and greet introduction with speakers should be used to initiate the sessions and allow for instant rapport needed for engaging between the speakers throughout the workshop.

- Clear separation between professions need to be established prior to onset of workshop to ensure there is no confusion – during the workshop -the vestibular session was interrupted many times as OT’s as they were walking in and out thus disturbing the speaker and causing a disruption in the flow of presentations.

- Ice breakers can be used to start of the sessions such as simple competitions or games to build a relationship with therapists and speakers as well as to increase participation throughout the workshop.
 The workshop was highly beneficial and we cannot wait for the next in March 2020!

AMHT Roadshow 1 with Biomed & Neurosoft
We intend to all grow together in health wealth and knowledge with fair pricing and excellent after-market service; we are a brand you can trust.
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